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Note* Our charts below are where we think the market is headed at the time we post the charts. We are not predicting the future. No one can and we are not fortune tellers. We are just analyzing what is most likely to happen. Kind of like the weather man. We can change our opinion at anytime because the market and its participants can change at anytime. The reason why we watch the indexes is to to refrain from buying a stock when the market is headed down. Even if the market is headed down for just 5 days there would not be a reason to enter any new trades till the market is headed back up.




Of course I think we will head up sometime. Right now we are consolidated with the bulls and bears still undecided on which way to go. The MACD indicator has been bearish and gradually easing downward. I think we could go down before we start heading up. If it seems like I am not real sure which way it is going, well, that is why they call what is happening right now indecision. If you were to ask me if I was bullish or bearish, my sentiment is still leans to bearish till we actually start heading up.







The $SPX hasn’t showed any strength since my last two reports. This weakness has kept me from having a bullish sentiment. Things are starting to turn bearish now with the MACD indicator beginning a bearish crossover.




I have a neutral view on which way I think the market is headed. Today the $SPX was up and the $COMPQ was down with an increase in volume. Either way, the market has not showed any strength since my last update on 2/19/14 and has been moving sideways. The indexes still have not broke out from consolidation just yet. Most of the candles that formed since my last update have been either a Spinning Top or a Doji, with the indexes closing mixed. Today was another Spinning Top Pattern for the $SPX and $Nasdaq. These candles along with a Doji means investors are undecided on which way to go. When you have that many popping up while the indexes close mixed, they are reliable and give us an accurate picture on what is happening.




Ever since the market started moving up about week ago on the $SPX, I figured the up-move might be short lived. Resistance is at the 1850 level which I have marked with the red bar. That resistance is why I haven’t went bullish yet. The $SPX also has formed an Evening Star pattern today, which is bearish and not a reason to be bullish yet. My assessment can always change at anytime whenever the market changes, but right now I think that the market is headed back down to around the 1730 level.


Our last two reports mentioned that things were looking weak and bearish. The important thing to remember is you can’t have more buyers than sellers. Or vise versa. For every buyer there has to be a seller. You probably have heard that before. The last increase in volume on the “up day” marked with the blue arrows above was new investors entering the market. They usually start getting excited at the end of a trend because they have watched it go up for so long and figure it will continue. After the increase in volume the market moved up a little bit before becoming consolidated. Now the market is headed down with a huge increase in volume. So a lot of those buyers where I have marked with the blue arrow will probably either be selling right now out of fear of great losses or they will hold on and go for a ride down. He help you get on the right side of the market. This way you are fearful when you should be fearful. Where I have marked with blue arrows should of been a time when investors started feeling fearful rather than greedy.










The market is undecided on which way to go and is showing some signs of weakness. The blue arrow pointing to the candlestick on the S&P 500 chart above, is one sign of indecision. The fact that the Nasdaq (below chart) closed up and the S&P closed down is another indication of indecision. There is some weakness in the Nasdaq because the Nasdaq formed a real small body candle today with a slight increase in volume. An increase in volume even when the market is up doesn’t always mean bullish. This Nasdaq chart is a bad example. There are far better examples of when an increase in volume and a small candle on an up day can be bearish. We will get to those examples later. Anyways, our service teaches you how to use technical analysis in all your trading. What we teach can be applied to not just regular stocks, but options, forex and futures. We use some indicators but our main indicator are price and volume. We have studied these extensively because they are the raw data that other indicators are based on.






On January 7,2014 the $NYA formed a black candlestick which is a paradox. Even though the $NYA closed higher than yesterday. which makes today and up day for the $NYA, the index is bearish since it opened up a little above 11200 and then dropped to about the 10327.33 level. This happened in less than a minute. The minute chart below of the $NYA shows a better view and how this took place within the first minute the market was opened. This is bearish sign for the $NYA.







The market has been continuing its crazy roller coaster ride. Lets just hope that a solid trend develops. The bulls have took control for now but lately the uptrends resulted in reversals that squash out a significant portion of the uptrend.






My last market update I said I would like to see more volume before I turned bullish on the market. We had that increase on volume that I needed on September 10th. This confirmation of volume gave me a bullish sentiment on the market for now. The $SPX is going to test the next resistance point (indicated with the red bar), which is the August high.






Today we had some bullish signs indicating we could start trending up. The MACD finally gave a bullish signal. I would like the $NYA to pass through that red resistance line in order to close the next gap. This would give me additional confirmation of a new uptrend. Most importantly, I would like to see volume pick up as one more additional piece of confirmation of the uptrend.



We’re probably in congestion still come Tuesday. These patterns (above chart) that look like a falling three method candle pattern, but with some defect, usually mean the congestion will continue. What I mean by defect is that it doesn’t match the criteria for a falling three method. It just looks like one. This has a candle missing and a couple other defects. Usually when I spot these I know the congestion will usually continue, even when it closes below previous day’s low. All that’s really happening is the congestion is continuing because it’s already in congestion. But this usually tells me it’s not a bearish breakout, even though the last candle closed below the low of the three previous candles.








Yesterday, I said the NYSE was possibly forming another little congested island like the previous one. The fact that today we had a close below yesterdays low is why I still think this congestion will continue for now. The Nasdaq did close above yesterday’s high, but the volatile Nasdaq does that all the time and it doesn’t really ever have any significance. As of right now, the indexes are in congestion still. Volume was lower today also than yesterday so no reason for the bulls to get excited yet. We are going to need this market to breakout on some pretty high volume in order for the indexes to feel in those gaps that caused the islands in the first place.









The bears are still in control right now. It look like the NYSE (below chart) could possibly be forming another island like the NYSE chart above. We’re not in any stocks right now till we get a definite signal that the bulls have finally took control.














The hourly price chart of the S&P 500 give us a better picture right now on how things are turning bullish. The ADX is following the S&P price like it should be. If you look closely at what I have circled on the ADX, you will see that it remained flat most of the day, and then did a blip up when the S&P price finally broke out of congestion the last hour. This is what we want. The indicator to follow price and for them to correlate.

The Macd started rising and diverging with price at the -7.5 level, then price started moving up once the Macd hit -5.0. These are bullish signs and there’s high probability the daily price chart will follow through. We pay attention to price first and foremost. These indicators like ADX and Macd, (pronounced Mac-Dee or M-A-C-D) just help us confirm what is happening.






The Nasdaq showed some indecision also. Lately, it seems like the bulls want to win, but the bears keep coming.





The Dow was down today closing at 15081.47. The last cycle when the Dow headed down found support at the 100 EMA. This could possibly provide support for the Dow once again. We will have to wait until Monday. Maybe the Bulls will step back in after relaxing during the weekend.








The Nasdaq (above) gapped down to 3606 today with the Dow (chart below) dropping 225 points. Optionsstreet.com doesn’t enter trades while stocks are in congestion for that reason. The Dow was following a different pattern than the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. The Dow was gradually treading down showing signs of a bearish breakout.












Not much has changed. We are still in congestion with the bulls and bears undecided. Volume was up today and the price closed above the high of the past four congested days, but this is not a valid breakout of course. The candle that formed today is too weak looking. There were some stocks that broke out today, so maybe the Indexes will follow tomorrow.










The markets are still showing indecision inside the red circle above.






Looks like the Nasdaq is undecided on which way to go. A little indecision between the bulls and the bears. The Nasdaq formed a Hanging Man and Hammer pattern back to back. I am going to consider these two patterns a sign of indecision, since they contradict each other. Some people may consider them two Hammer Patterns. Depending on whether or not you consider one day down a downtrend. In this manner candles can be subjective to get the correct picture and feel.









The Nasdaq is continuing to form a Bullish Flag while stocks are in congestion.









I know the box I drew around the candlestick pattern looks a little sloppy, but the S&P (above) formed a three inside up candlestick pattern on Friday. If the candlestick is telling the truth, the market will continue up.







The New York Stock Exchange and the S&P500 formed a Doji pattern, which looks like a cross, which means the bulls and the bears are still undecided on which way they want to go.




Price is my favorite indicator rather than indicators based off price. But today I am going to use a few indicators just for fun. The S&P 500(chart above) was up today but it looks like we are still congested. There is no separation of lines with the macd(blue arrow), and the histogram (red circle) below the macd looks like a flat bar. The last bar didn’t even raise up today. So, despite the fact the S&P 500 may look like a breakout, we are probably still in congestion.




The other indicator, ADX (blue arrow, above chart) is dropping showing that momentum is decreasing on the New York Stock Exchange. The ADX, will simply start moving up when we break out of congestion and follow price up again. But, the most important indicator, the price (blue circle), shows the New York Stock exchange is still congested, and didn’t break out.




The S&P 500 (Above Chart) has been congested (moving sideways) the last three days. Most stocks are joining the congestion.





I think the market is going to do a small retracement (SPX Chart Above) on the (which I have marked with the green arrow) that is very identical to the retracement that is marked with the blue arrow. This means I expect only one more day down at the most before we continue up.